What Type of Archer Are you?

Nov 15, 2016

Archery is a diverse sport, with numerous directions, all very different in both style and equipment. Lets have a look at the options so you can see where you fit…

Target Archery

US Olympic Medallist, Brady Ellison

US Olympic Medallist, Brady Ellison

Probably the most widely known variant of archery due to its inclusion (in recurve form) in the Olympics. Target archery involves aiming for a static target over a flat range, and is popular with both recurve and compound bow archers.

Target Archery is where most of us begin, learning the sport and honing our skills before making a decision to focus on this aspect, or look for alternatives based on our own personal preferences and style.

Competitions distances vary, with the well known outdoor ‘FITA Round’ (now called the World Archery 1440) involving shooting a total of 140 arrows over 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres.

Indoor competitions are over a shorter distance, usually 18 metres/20 yards, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s going to be any easier to master – the target faces you’ll be aiming for are a lot smaller!

Field Archery

Field Archery - all about the angles!

Field Archery – all about the angles!

For those archers who prefer getting out into nature, Field Archery may be perfect.

A field archery course is usually set in woodland, or over mixed terrain, with archers shooting up, down, under and over obstacles at varying distances over a roving course.

Some classes of field archery allow sights, while others don’t, forcing archers to rely on skill and the ability to judge distances by sight.

3D Archery

3D Archery targets come in all shapes, sizes, and well, creatures!

3D Archery targets come in all shapes, sizes, and well, creatures!

While similar to Field Archery, 3D archery uses life sized foam animal targets, again set at varying distances over unpredictable terrain. This style of archery provides a great way to fine tune hunting skills, but also a great way to get the feel of hunting without actually harming animals!

If you’re not sure about about shooting at a target that even looks like an animal, don’t worry – 3D archery targets come in all shapes and sizes, including dinosaurs and zombies!

Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery usually involves the simplest form of bows and arrows, crafted in a traditional way.

Traditional Archery usually involves the simplest form of bows and arrows, crafted in a traditional way.

Traditional archery means different things to different groups. In its simplest definition, it is archery using only a bow and arrows – no sights, stabilizers, mechanical releases, arrow rests or any of the technology designed to improve accuracy. Instead the archer relies on skill and instinct, and allows them to really connect with their bow and arrows.

In some circles, particularly in the UK, the definition of traditional archery is much stricter, and also covers the materials used to make the bows, strings and arrows themselves – modern materials and processes are frowned upon, and the bow of choice is a true English longbow – a single piece of yew carved and shaped to take a string.

Where do you fit?

Wether you’ve got your eyes set on a gold medal at the olympics, or simply want to get in touch with nature and the simplicity of a bow, there’s a style of archery for you. Try them all, then follow the path that calls the loudest!

Already decided – let us know in the comments!

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