About The Club

Bahamas Archery was founded by Ben Jamieson in 2016. Initially created to run Explore Archery programs for schools in Western New Providence, Jamieson realised interest in archery was much more widespread than just the schools, and found he had an ever- growing base of regular students at his public classes.

In 2017, Bahamas Archery was registered with the Bahamas Archery Federation and transitioned to a formal club, opening membership to archers throughout New Providence.


President & Treasurer – Gina Jenkins – gina@bahamasarchery.com

Vice President & Secretary – Barrington Archer

Founder & Past President – Ben Jamieson


Gina Jenkins – USA Archery Certified Level 2 Instructor, Explore Archery Program Facilitator

Jeremy Pinder – USA Archery Certified Level 2 Instructor

Past: Ben Jamieson – USA Archery Certified Level 2 Instructor & Instructor Trainer, JOAD Program Developer for The Bahamas Archery Federation

Range Opening Times

Summer Months

(Approx 35 weeks of year)

Sundays: 4pm-6pm
Wednesdays: 5pm-6:30pm

See The Current Shooting Schedule Here

Winter Months

(Approx 17 weeks of year)

Sundays: 4pm-5:30pm

Bahamas Archery is run by volunteers, and for the range to be open, at least one certified instructor (Level 1 or above) must be present. While the following range times are our goal, there may be times when work or personal schedules leave us with no instructors available. Members in good standing are free to attend any practice sessions. Limited equipment sets will be available at no additional charge to members.


Members may bring guests for a fee of $20 per guest per session. Guests will be required to sign a standard waiver and go through a safety briefing and first shot with an instructor.

“300 Night”

The last sunday of each month is dedicated to shooting a Bahamas Archery 300 Round. This 60 arrow, 20 yard round is based on the NFAA 300 round and shot on the same blue & white faces. As well as providing friendly competition within the club with prizes for the top archers at the end of the year, the 300 Round is an excellent benchmark for members to use to track their ongoing progress through the year.

Membership Options

Membership runs October 1st – September 30th

Adult Membership – $400

Youth Membership – $300

Family Membership – $700

Youth membership is for members 19 years or younger on May 1st of the membership year.

Family membership allows for 2 adults and three children.

To apply for membership, please complete the Member Application Form and return to info@bahamasarchery.com.