Club Shoot Schedule

Shooting dates for May & June 2017

Member  Practice Sessions

The club meets for member practice sessions every Sunday at 5pm. Where possible, meets are also held on Thursdays at 5pm. Due to work commitments of volunteer instructors, Thursday meets may be unavailable. Please contact the club prior to arrival for updates.

During Fall/Winter, times will be adjusted as the clocks change.

Instructor commitments may require amendment of the shooting schedule. While we will try to inform members in advance, please check this page for confirmation prior to arrival.

Public Lessons

Public lessons are held on Sunday afternoon (2:30pm winter, 3:30pm summer). Lessons require at least 5 attendees in order to be held.

Attendees are required to arrive no later than 15 minutes before start of class to ensure they do not miss the safety briefing.

Advance signup is required.

Space for public classes is limited to ensure safety at all times.

To view availability and book your space, use the button below.

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