Bahamas Archery - Western Nassau Archery Programs & Instruction

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Offering a registered Explore Archery Program for Western New Providence, along with private instruction for kids and adults wanting to experience archery as a sport or for fun.
Bahamas Archery - Western Nassau Archery Programs & Instruction

Bahamas Archery 3rd Annual Invitational

Sunday November 10th, 2019

St Paul’s Field, West Bay Street

Freestyle Recurve and Traditional Divisions
Adult & Youth Age Classes


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Bahamas Archery offers Introductory lessons for the general public on Sundays at 2:30pm (3:30pm in summer). These introductory classes cost $25 per session, inclusive of all equipment rental, and instruction with a certified Level 2 Archery Instructor.

Participants must book their place in order to attend.

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Club Membership

Already have the basic skills down? Ready to shoot on your own?
Consider becoming a club member to access regular open shooting practice. A qualified instructor will still always be on hand to assist with your progress and advise on equipment, equipment care and maintenance.

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Articles and Advice

Arrows Matter!

Arrows Matter!

In the last post, I covered choosing the right bow to get you started, but a bow is no use without those all important arrows! This article covers making sure you have the right arrows for your bow.

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About Bahamas Archery

Bahamas Archery is an archery club founded to provide a way for new archers to become introduced to the sport, and offer a safe, regulated club for existing archers to train and practice. The club is a member of The Bahamas Archery Federation, allowing members to compete in National competition and be included in National Rankings.
To learn more about the club and club membership, please click here.

Certified Level 1 Archery Coach
Certified Level 2 Archery Coach
SafeSport® Certified

Bahamas Archery is a registered and active member of World Archery Bahamas

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